موزیک ست


دانلود اهنگ let go

دانلود اهنگ let go

دانلود اهنگ let go

موزیک ست همراه شماست هم اکنون منتشر میکند آهنگ let go را در بهترین کیفیت ممکن همراه با متن آهنگ

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دانلود اهنگ let go

متن آهنگ


Tumble out of bed

Dizzy in the head

Saying what you said

When you came home alone

Mumble a reply

Followed by a lie

You’ve been wondering why

As if I’ve never known

Partial to the groove

But still you never move

Stubborn through and through

You’re just an animal

Stuck inside your clutch

It’s chilling to the touch

Never liked it much

And now you won’t let go


دانلود اهنگ let go

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