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دانلود ریمیکس آهنگ believer

دانلود ریمیکس آهنگ believer

اهنگ believer ریمیکس

موزیک ست هم اکنون منتشر میکند ریمیکس آهنگ believer را. پخش همراه با تکست و لینک پخش مستقیم

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اهنگ believer ریمیکس

متن آهنگ


First things first•♬•

Ima say all the words inside my headI•♬•

Im fired up and tired of the way that things have been oh..ooh•♬•

The way that things have been oh…ooh•♬•

Second thing second•♬•

Dont you tell me what you think that I could be•♬•

I am the one at the sail I am the master of my sea oh…ooh•♬•

The master of my sea oh…ooh•♬•

I was broken from a young age•♬•


Taking my sulking to the masses•♬•

Writing my poems for the few•♬•

That look at me took to me shook at me feeling me•♬•

Singing from heartache from the pain•♬•

Taking my message from the veins•♬•

Speaking my lesson from the brain•♬•

Seeing the beauty through the•♬•

Pain You made me a you made me a believer believer•♬•

Pain You break me down and build me up believer believer•♬•

Pain Oh let the bullets fly oh let them rain•♬•

My life my love my drive it came from•♬•

Pain You made me a you made me a believer•♬•


اهنگ believer ریمیکس

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